Vintage Eating: An Early 1950s Dinner Party Menu

I love hosting vintage themed dinner parties! One of my greatest pleasures in life is reviving old recipes, to feed my family and friends. Back in June, I hosted my first pop-up vintage ‘dinner party’, which you can read about here if you haven’t done so already. The menu for the evening was created to be as period authentic as possible; post war rationing restrictions were still partially in place in 1953, so this was one of the most important considerations to take into account. Luckily I had quite an arsenal of vintage cookery books to consult!

When hosting it is always useful to have a stock of full menus and recipes that you can consult when planning, so here I present the first in a series of vintage dinner party menus, complete with the full recipes.

So next time you’re hosting a vintage themed party, why not give some period authentic food a go.

So, as served at my 1953 Coronation Dinner Party, I present to you; An Early 1950s Dinner Party Menu.


Click on the recipes to open full size cut out and keep recipe cards

Apart from the ‘dash’ of orange juice, you will notice that these are pure alcohol cocktails. Arguably the best kind of cocktail! Be warned, they don’t taste like it. They are delightfully  delicious and quite quaffable – sure to get your party going! I don’t know why Dubonnet has gone out of fashion these days! (And yes, you do get funny looks when ordering Dubonnet in an average bar).

Avocado prawn canape 1950s vintage

Kidneys mushroom madeira 1950s vintage

Rabbit stew casserole summer 1950s vintage

strawberries cream maraschino 1050s vintage

This may sound simple, and, well, it is… but Oliver, who doesn’t normally like strawberries very much, absolutely loved these! He said it was probably the alcohol… it definitely was the alcohol. He won’t eat strawberries that aren’t soaked in alcohol and sugar now. I don’t know if this is a good thing.

Anyway, I hope you find this little collection of recipes useful, either on their own or as the full menu.

Happy entertaining!

Ella x

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  1. Hi, Ella. Thank you for this post. I was able to get some great ideas. This year I am hosting my first event for a large group. Our theme this year is Fifties. I wanted a twist on the poodle skirt idea and am doing a 1950’s elegant dinner party for the guests instead (thnk Mad Men-ish). Anyway, I loved your menu, but I think that rabbit may be a little difficult for such a large group. Any other food ideas that may work well for an event like this? Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated. Thank you.

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